by Marc Beaussart

by Marc Beaussart


The Impossible Beauty Items is a project run by a group of MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion graduates at London College of Fashion, UAL :
Tamara Leguia, Amrita Johal, Streeja Shrestha in collaboration with Marc Beaussart.
This project involved a scientific investigation and the making of hyper realistic CGI images and film in collaboration with Olivier Djalayer.

The basis of the projects are lipsticks reimagined to become practical, sustainable and natural.
This project is about conducting research investigating the perceptions people have regarding beauty items, especially with regards to its appeal to the five senses...

TIBI is not a brand, TIBI is a scientific experience.

This Project will be showcased at the MOOI Festival 2018
and on the website www.tibi‑


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